Association of Related Churches (ARC)


ARC Churches is,

an association of relational churches working with church planters and leaders to provide support, guidance and resources to launch and grow life-giving churches.
ARC Churches Home Page

They also say, “Whether you are looking to launch, connect or equip your church, ARC is for you.”

ARC Churches is a great organization, dedicated to helping leaders lead.

ARC Launch

ARC Launch is the first key area of ARC Churches focused on church planting. If you are a pastor looking to plant a church, or if you are simply curious about how churches build from the foundation up, then this is a perfect resource to check out. Great pastors know it takes a team to fulfill a vision.

ARC Connect

ARC Connect is the second key area of ARC Churches focused on having multiple church connections. If you are the only church in town, or if other churches are right across the street from you, then this resource is one to view. Just think: churches partnering with, learning between, and growing alongside other churches.

ARC Equip

ARC Equip is the third key area of ARC Churches focused on providing leaders with great tools, insights, studies and more. If you are interested in creative ministry, organizing volunteers, being financial capable, running meetings, or having an online ministry presence, then this will be a great source for study. Find some helpful pages then learn from them together along with your fellow leaders and volunteers!

Check out ARC Churches to learn more about their organization!

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