Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 6.04.13 PM is a great site that offers a series of small group resources aimed at target demographics.

The five target demographics they arrange their material by include:

  1. Women
  2. Small Groups
  3. Young Adults
  4. Men
  5. Marriage, Family & Parenting

Becoming a Bible Study Insider (i.e. a member) comes with some benefits: they ship members a box of small group resources twice a year. The cost is $50/box. Each box will contain recent Bible study books and leader guides.

This becomes a great opportunity to discover Bible areas or other topics that small groups could then choose from. For example, their could be a young adult resource in the Bible Study Insider box that would work well for a particular small group. From the one example in the box, supplemental resources could then be ordered.

This method of selecting small group topics allows for choices from a large selection. Plus, the additional copies a small group would order would only be ordered after weighing the favorability of the initial copy. If a resource is not found to be the best selection or the most relevant, then they do not have to order it!

Realistically, one account per church makes this tool’s cost a nominal fee for gaining access to current small group studies. The twice a year frequency allows for some planning and is not too frequent to be an overwhelming subscription.

If you lead a small group, are a pastor, or work within in church, check out!

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