Becoming an Artist Again

Graham Shaw illustrates and discusses Why People Believe They Can’t Draw – and Hope to Prove They Can. His video is an interactive and hands-on approach meant to show people they can draw. I think of this video as a way of helping people become artists again.

Graham describes how younger children have a high tendency identify themselves as a sort of artist. Can they draw? Absolutely! The problem is this mentality tends to dissipate with age. Older children, youth, and adults will not as readily identify themselves as an artist.

What Graham does with the audience in this video is shape their confidence in being able to draw. He practices with them to draw various figures, and the audience gradually grows in their confidence to draw. At the beginning, hardly anyone said they could draw, but by the end, this changed!

What shifted was their confidence. Drawing comes from some skill, yes, but it is mainly accomplished through imagination and belief in one’s self.

Graham makes a beautiful point at the end. He says,

When you walked in here today, many of you didn’t believe you could draw… How many other beliefs and limiting thoughts do we all carry around with us every day? Beliefs that we could perhaps potentially challenge and think differently about. And if we did challenge those beliefs and think differently about them, apart from drawing, what else would be possible for us all?


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