Google Apps


Google Apps provides an online solution to office productivity. They feature email, calendar, drive (for storage) and more select items. If you are looking for a product to use either as a home user or an organization of some kind, Google Apps may be for you!

The various apps offered help provide for a variety of needs:

  • Gmail – email.
  • Hangouts – video and voice calls.
  • Calendar – scheduling meetings / events.
  • Google+ – social networking.
  • Drive – storage, syncing and sharing.
  • Docs – real-time word processing.
  • Sheets – spreadsheets.
  • Forms – surveys and forms.
  • Slides – presentations.
  • Sites – websites for teams.
  • Admin – business control and security.
  • Vault – a method for archiving emails and chats.

All the apps are online, but there are ways to sync Google Apps with other applications too. For example, Google Apps can sync with Microsoft Outlook.

Overall, Google Apps is easy to use and provides for many services. These can apply for the simply home user, and they can extend into businesses and non-profits too. With email, you can even create your own domain name (ex:

Check it out!

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