Office 365 for Businesses and Non-Profits


Office 365 may be your solution to office productivity as a profit business or a non-profit organization.

So what does Microsoft have to offer through Office 365?

Office 365 offers a variety of applications. To highlight a few:

  • Word – document writing.
  • Excel – spreadsheet creation.
  • PowerPoint – presentations.
  • Outlook – email and calendar.
  • Publisher – professional documents.

For companies looking to setup and manage their emails, Office 365 provides for an online web portal to create and manage users and mailboxes.

As of their product offerings, what they offer changes based on two factors: 1. what kind of company you are, and 2. what plan you want.

You can enroll as a non-profit, a for-profit small business, and then an enterprise. You can also be an education department, a organization of government, or a home user. Here are those first three:

Check out those links about to see the differences in plans they offer.

Overall, Office 365 provides for great email and office productivity. They have different plans and prices to meet differing needs for organizations. They allow for a trials too, so give it a try to see if it fits for you or your organization!

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