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Bible software is a great means of studying the Bible on some deeper levels. Commentaries, Hebrew and Greek, comparative translations and much more are all just clicks away.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 5.49.47 PM is a great go-to website for searching and reading Bible passages in different translations.

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logo is a Luther Seminary produced Bible study website.

This website offers biblical insights into four main categories:

  1. Old Testament (the 39 books)
  2. New Testament (the 27 books)
  3. Periods of Time (periods such as Egypt, monarchy, exile, Jesus, etc.)
  4. Resources (maps, images, videos, etc.)

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PDF – The History of the Bible

I wrote an introductory handout on the history of the Bible for youth in May of 2015. This is very much a high-level overview of many biblical-historical concepts, such as the “canon” and “hermeneutics”, but it is a good start for beginning to think about all the work that has made the Bible our Bible.

Here is the link to the handout: 2015_05_20 The History of the Bible.pdf

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NOTE: If you intend to use this document for anything more than personal viewing, please just let me know through the Contact page. Thanks!