PDF – Finding a Balance in Communication Styles


In my last Luther Seminary class, a group of us created a ministry resource on the broad topic of communication. The class was all about integrating technology into daily lives and making something productive and helpful out of it for ministry.

This particular resource is a small group leader’s guide meant to help people find their balance between communications styles: technological communication and face-to-face communication.

Here is a PDF of that leader’s guide:

Finding a Balance in Communication Styles

NOTE: If you intend to use this document for anything more than personal viewing, please just let me know through the Contact page. That’s all I ask. Thanks!

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Job Searching in Ministry


Looking for a job in ministry is not always an easy task. With the right tools and a heart in line with God’s will, you may just be able to find your calling.

Here are a few available online resources to look for jobs:

Check them out!

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Greater the Tech, Lesser the Communication


A recent conversation with a pastor friend of mine helped me to understand a trend taking place: there is an inverse relationship between the amount of technology usage and a given person’s ability to effectively communicate in face to face interactions.

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Athletes Committed to Educating Students (ACES)


Athletes Committed to Educating Students (ACES) is a Minnesota-based organization focused on helping students thrive in their education. Their mission is,

“To help reduce the academic achievement gap in the Twin Cities and improve the futures for at-risk students. At ACES, we know learning can best happen when kids are engaged and happy so we’ve partnered with the Minnesota Lynx, Timberwolves, Twins, Vikings, United FC and Wild to support our work. ”
~ACES Home Page

Check it out!

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YouthLeadership.PublishPath.com is a youth leader website with three areas of focus:

  1. Training: “You come to us”
  2. Speaking: “We come to you”
  3. Coaching: “We meet together”

They offer various teaching methods and materials for equipping people to lead youth effectively.

Check it out!

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YouthWorker.com is a website focused on helping leaders of youth ministry lead well.

Their articles, blog, and resources tabs each offer four of their own subtopics:

  • Articles: teaching, soul, leadership, youth culture.
  • Blog: programming, wisdom, ideas, and ministry life.
  • Resources: activities, bibles studies, games, and reviews.

Check it out!

YouthWorker Image Source: http://www.youthworker.com/