Cooking is a Form of Art


Cooking is a form of art.

Paintings are a form of art too. Personally, I never appreciated paintings done by artists until I began cooking on a regular basis. I knew how paintings could take a great deal of time and determination, but the final product never really caught my interest.

Then I began cooking. Cooking opened up my eyes to view beyond the final product of what I eat and how it tastes. Those are important factors, of course. However, through beginning to cook I learned it is the process of making of meal that crafts what will become the final product.

The methods and techniques of cooking are what making cooking its own form of art – the making of a crafted food dish. The final taste is dependent on these factors from the start, and then factors like timing and presentation add other avenues to the excitement of cooking as well! This makes every cooked meal a one of a kind experience.

As I have sought to modify many recipes I have found from their original design, I encourage you as well to apply each recipe dish to YOU as the cook. Play with other ingredients, try cooking with different methods to expand your knowledge and skills. May I also suggest that you have FUN!

And don’t forget: Make every dish great!

~Derek Wassell